We Give Power
to People

In a world that asks us to keep moving, we empower momentum. We give it rhythm. From 1964 to this very moment, we haven't stopped. We don't plan to.

When we started as a battery-manufacturing company, we were fuelled by the belief that innovation is what drives society forward, and we exist to energize human progress. Gold Peak Technology Group Limited has been listed on the Stock exchange of Hong Kong since 1984. Riding on the end-to-end capabilities of GP Industries, we keep our businesses moving and evolving. We have created renowned brand names for its major product categories, including GP batteries, GP Recyko batteries, KEF premium acoustic products and Celestion professional speakers and have extended our reach to Asia, Europe and Americas. Talents and teamwork are core to our growth journey. We care about our team members and provide a collaborative working environment to drive sustainability, quality, excellence and innovations. We advance through creativity, business rigour and agility. Through battery-fuelled energy, sonic wavescapes, and a global footprint, we are set to become a household name in making every day an experience worth sharing, for millions worldwide. At Gold Peak Technology Group, we ignite the future through everyday solutions, built for scale.

Our Business

Gold Peak Technology Group Limited

Hong Kong-listed

GP Industries Limited

The 85.59%-owned subsidiary, GP Industries specializes in battery, electronics and acoustics consumer product businesses.
GP Industries is publicly listed in Singapore.

Our Global Presence

The Group's manufacturing, R&D, marketing and distribution operations span more than ten countries.

Manufacturing & Sales

Marketing & Sales